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Maclean’s Nose Commission

Blended Scotch Whisky

A whisky as bold and adventurous as the land it comes from, ‘Maclean’s Nose,’ or ‘MN’ for short, is a true celebration of the Scottish landscape. The commission called for a piece of representational art of the headland from the majestic Ben Hiant mountain, named ‘Maclean’s Nose’ on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. Adelphi, renowned for its fusion of classic style with contemporary flair, sought an artwork that would not only depict the rugged beauty of the nose-shaped headland but also capture its unique character.

Mcleans Nose - Ardnamurchan Scotland

To bring this vision to life, Reuben proposed a pencil drawing that would showcase the gnarly rock formations and distinctive shape of the nose, while also exploring the personality and soul of the mountainside. The artist was fortunate enough to be invited to stay at the Ardnamurchan distillery, where he could fully immerse himself in the atmosphere and ambiance of the surrounding area. Sian de Gourlay embarked on a rugged hike along the rocky shoreline from Camas nan Geall to the furthest promontory, where he could capture the best view of ‘Maclean’s Nose.’

Credit: Scotland on the shot

From atop an ancient fort, the artist captured the mountain that slides into the sea water, allowing the experience of the air, wind, and light to flow through the artwork, much like the flavours and aromas of whisky that is aged in the environment to hold the essence of the surroundings.

Macleans Nose - Initial Sketch

The final artwork was created by blending the original life study and the expressions that were experienced while making it, with drawing from photography: exploring a way to make a classical approach work with digital design. Reuben was interested in the art of whisky blending, whereby flavours of different malt and grain whiskies are brought together along with their individual qualities, and in the case of ‘Maclean’s Nose,’ resulting in a taste and nose that represents the essence of the landscape. 

Macleans Nose - Final Sketch

The ‘Maclean’s Nose’ whisky label commission was a unique project that blended art, nature, culture and palette to create a label that beautifully represents the character of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.

Maclean's Nose - Blended Scottish Whisky

Credit: Tina Norris Photography

Ardnamurchan Distillery - Glenbeg 1826