Being Human: Ideas Concerning Art and Humanity

I like to think of Art as being holistic to humanity. It is involved in everything we do as human beings. It perhaps makes sense to start with stone tools. Picking up a piece of rock and shaping it using conchoidal fractures, uses a great deal of creativity. One has to understand the possibilities within natural objects: Use imagination. Then they have to act upon those thoughts, bringing something new into reality (whatever reality may be). This “creative” process, where we take what we know and build upon it using our imagination in order to better our surroundings, is the role that art has played for humanity. And it most likely enabled early genus homo to be able to progress socially and to eventually create language [1].

“The arts” as we now know them, use language as a means to express imagination. For me, the “art” isn’t necessarily only left in the object which has been created, but the art is in the creative process, where one’s individuality is expressed along with their cultural and social influences by means of consciousness. The creative process or art is an expression of the state of being (human). Where we express our place in between the observable world and the imagined. In this sense, we can see that everything we do as humans can be seen as art.

Science is art. Science takes a reason, observable in reality, and then we use our imagination in order to process a new reasoning and understanding through experimentation and design – creative process [2]. Our verbal language is art. It expresses our being through the creation of words. Stringing a sentence together can be complex and intuitive, or rational and simple. But the process of choosing words will use the imagination in conjunction with observable reality. Even if it is just an idea that we communicate.

An idea can be understood as art because it is warped by the individual’s experience. They have observed reality and come up with a concept using their imagination, and then expressed such a concept. That is subjective imagination glazed over existing objections. The idea is created out of the known reality, using our consciousness.

Art plays the absolute central role for humans. It could be the key to living a happy and meaningful life. It could be the very purpose of life itself. We have evolved using creativity. Our existence is in the space between consciousness and the observable world. Imagination helps us create tools and to self-express. Denying creativity could be damaging.


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